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Gematanzen! - funny celebrity cartoon dance music video maker with your face

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사진 및 비디오 엔터테인먼트
개발자: Flash Gordon
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Make yourself into an animated video dancer!
Share it to Instagram or Facebook.
Its easy and totaly free!


1. Choose the character you like.
2. Tap the character to choose a dance style.
3. Put any face from photos or camera onto a character.
4. Create a video file with a single tap.
5. Share it!


- An infinite number of dance styles
- 5+ characters
- Funny music
- Social sharing


- PSY Gangnam Style
- Lady Gaga
- Black Swan
- Hans Landa
- Charlie Chaplin
- King Leonidas
- Justin Timberlake


- King of the pop
- Justin Bieber
- MC Hammer
- Madonna
- John Travolta
- More fun features like an additional stuff and elements.