Gematanzen! - funny celebrity cartoon dance music video maker with your face App Reviews

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Can’t upload photos

What’s up?

Fd she raqe haha

5osh brnamg

Best app ever

Well this is just a good app


Works great on iPhone 6 latest version...I downloaded FLIPAGRAM as well and I started making videos, a great combination and a must have app

I love the idea!!!!

Please add backround music! And please let us save our work! Please please! This would be such an amazing app with music, more charector movements, make like short little music videos, add an audio recording so we can record a message, and let us share! This app has potential! PLEASE MAKE CHANGES!

It's only a good app if it works

Will not let you save what you created. Waste

Piece of you know what

Thing crashes when trying to save. Dont waste your time.

Does not post

It was a waste cause it doesn't post after dance is made


Doesn't even post to fb

Fix it

IF I GIVE YOU .99 will you fix it? At one time this app saved & it was great; I'd give it 5 stars. Now this app gets one star...doesn't save; error message. I willing to bet others would pay too


Will not let me save or choose who to share it with.

Love it but.......

It doesn't save. I always get an error. >:(


This is a terrifically fun app!!! It's very clever. Yeah...the guy below has a point, but it's not THAT big of a deal. People LOVE this app! But, all that said, I'm disappointed and perplexed by the lack of the sound being demonstrated in the app actually being carried over to the email. Nor can you tap the email to change dances or swipe to change the characters. I hope, dev, that you plan on fixing that. But, at any rate, thank you and congratulations on some highly amusing creativity! Namaste, --- Kanmara

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